Short extract from anemogram.


Near the very beginning

“She didn’t want to go there yet. So she turned and headed across open wasteland, into the domain of the sun and its cherishing death. She bobbed up and down and held out her white dress, spinning and drawing in the warm air. Her legs were cherubim podgy and she moved like an electrified hamster. The wasteland contoured down a textured valley which in turn vaulted into the distance and away. She stood in its open magnificence, its blanched earth under the blue-white sky of God. Everything in the distance; she would play unseen. She left her giggles behind her as she took off running.”



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anemogram. The Playlist

Music. I think most of anemogram was written in silence, the first draft the result of a month of fierce commitment to it and no time for much else. When I did step away from the screen the writing was shaped by the music I listened to whilst trying to go blank, or attempting to figure out where I was headed. That music does not feature on this playlist for the most part. Instead these are tracks discovered after completion that reflect the feel of the book. Most have no strong melody, are unobtrusive and serve to compliment. Music was at the core of my thinking as I progressed, essential to the underlying construction I ended up with. I worked with defined movements in mind, inspired by the waxing and waning, and rhythm, of longer musical pieces. This helped me reach for my destination and keep to the right tones. It didn’t feel right to put out anemogram without acknowledging the importance of this aspect, so the result is this playlist.

You Are My Log

You are my log/Turn around Mister Log/Watch and learn/in a friendly way/You are my log/brown and thick and rough/mine, mine, mine/that is enough/You are my log/I’ll take you on an expedition/somewhere new, but/I won’t make you run.
nZ2iugLZYou are my log