Analoger + 1 – Tangerine Press

Excited to announce the release of Analoger + 1. The chapbook is part of the Walking Wounded series by Tangerine Press, featuring numbered and signed limited editions. A run of 53, containing two short stories, the chapbook is 16 pages. approx. 6″/150mm wide x 225mm/9″ tall.


A little about Walking Wounded:

“The Walking Wounded Series is an erratic beast. Titles will be released in sporadic bursts over the coming years. 53 titles by 53 different authors, in an edition of 53 numbered copies each. Any copies left unsold after 9 months (from date of issue) will be ceremonially burned and the ashes scattered into the River Wandle outside the Tangerine hq here in south London.

Limited edition, signed chapbooks, all handsewn, embossed and printed at the Sick Tangerine workshop.”


Find out more about Tangerine Press here

Articulate Warbling Podcast

Many thanks to Zak Ferguson for the opportunity to read for the Articulate Warbling podcast. Some encouraging words for my novella Sea of Glass and Richard Cabut is featured also.

Listen here.

“Please join me for an extremely special episode dedicated to two extremely talented and intelligent and powerful writers.

Richard Cabut talks upon his latest work, Dark Entries, and gives us great insight into his art/career and reads from DE.

Then Rebecca Gransden gives us a brilliant, melancholy, trance-like reading- followed up by a short yet extremely passionate review for Sea of Glass.

I am so sorry for the delay on this particular episode you patient and kind people.

This is something me and Laura want more of for the podcast. So if you have a book you have coming out and want to do a reading for or wish to talk upon, please get hold of us on our Facebook page.

So here it is, finally. One of my favourite episodes.

Trust me, it was worth the wait.”



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Marcel Schwob – Mimes released

Cardboard Wall Empire’s Resuscitations series of releases featuring lesser known or neglected works presents Marcel Schwob’s Mimes.

“These twenty-and-one prose-songs, marking a stage of his own literary development, are reiterations of a dead and vanished time, reincarnations of the Greek soul,—a faithful recapturing of that old Greek life, seemingly so unconscious of a future here or elsewhere.” – A. Lenalie


Included in this edition:

Mimes by Marcel Schwob 1905 edition translated by A. Lenalie

Essay “The New Erasmus” by Vance Thompson

Marcel Schwob’s essay on Robert Louis Stevenson, “R. L. S.”

Biography of Ellen Dresser, alias “Aimee Lenalie.”

Available in hardback

Leonid Andreyev – Selected Stories released

Excited at the release of a little project I’ve been putting together.

Leonid Andreyev – Selected Stories



A Russian titan, Leonid Andreyev stands as a colossus alongside the many giants of his country’s literary lineage. Selected for this collection are many of his finest short stories. A practitioner in the darkest recesses of the human heart and imagination, his tales delve the wretched depths of madness and horror. Dazzling in its psychological complexity, arresting in its sombre and audacious realism, Andreyev’s short fiction illuminates and shape-shifts as emphatically as it frightens and repels. From the encapsulation of the psyche of a nation to the solitary anxieties of the individual, Andreyev, with exemplary skill, reveals the unfathomable forces that guide the soul and move the blood. Included within are stories of transcendent terror, metaphysical in scope, some grounded in the brutal caress of nature’s cruelties, others pivoting on the arbitrariness of a potentially godless universe. Andreyev’s characters wrestle to equivalent degree with the external and internal. Employing searing intensity, they live, and inevitably pay the price for the impertinence of doing so. Whether melancholic or bitter, resigned, ignorant, insane, innocent, or guilty, those who populate Andreyev’s stories face fate’s capriciousness. In mesmerising fashion Andreyev visits the prison cell, the public execution, the diseased family home, and the nightmare of natural catastrophe. His version of the Biblical landscape is electrifyingly gothic. A writer of immense power, unflinching and unrelenting, Leonid Andreyev has left us the beneficiaries of his incendiary work. Some of which is included in this volume.

The stories are accompanied by a selection of abstract illustrations designed to compliment the evocative tone of the pieces.

Watch the trailer here or here

Get a copy at Amazon US and UK, and in hardback here



Sea of Glass

My new novella Sea of Glass is out!

Smoke fills the city air, choking the street, curling up and around the tower. Kattar Bassis hits the ground and crawls blindly through the chaos. A light shines out in the black, leading him to the entranceway of his building. So begins his ascent and search for the ever elusive EXIT.


Available on Amazon UK and US.  Also Lulu, Leanpub and various others

Thank you to monkeelino for assisting me with the cover.

Hear a reading from Sea of Glass on the Articulate Warbling podcast here where author Zak Ferguson also gives his impressions of the book.

Animal Uprising!

My short story, Upsweep, is included in the new Nightmare Press anthology Animal Uprising!


“A lion, a hybrid, a bear – oh no! A goat, a gull, and a big black dog! Can’t forget the roaches, the deer flies, and the tarantula hawk, or the abominable insect that rises from the earth! We got creepy crawlers and killer critters for everyone. Oh, you want mythical creatures? How about a malevolent spirit posed as a fox, a rambunctious jackalope, or a herd of unicorn-gazelles on a distant planet? Let’s not forget the supernatural silver stag with the power to raise the dead. Oh, did I mention the giant mantis shrimp? Yeah – we got a giant mantis shrimp. Humankind really has their work cut out for them in this collection of terrifying tales of beastly butchery. Need to know more? Check out Animal Uprising! for all of the mayhem.”


Available on Amazon UK and US

My story features a mantis shrimp. Find out more about this creature here and here